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Free copy-and-paste program

TeraCopy is a free utility program from Codesector that allows users to copy and paste large files fast. It is a dynamically adjusted file-copying app that replaces the Windows built-in copier and lets you transfer files in batches from one location to another. It's free for personal use but offers a commercial license.

TeraCopy transfers files at high speed. Although it is not as quick as FastCopy, it integrates into Windows better and has a nicer interface. Moreover, it lets you copy and paste files the same as the Windows copier.

What is TeraCopy?

Copying files can be time-consuming, especially when you are copying and pasting large files. Depending on how fast and good your hardware is, it could take ages to move files. It is also boring to wait for the process to complete. Here, enter applications such as TeraCopy. This tool automates the whole process so you can copy and paste files and big chunks of data from one location to another in batches.

Upon launching, a simple interface will open up, with tabs for file list, target, options, and log. As mentioned, it makes the process of copying and pasting efficient. To start, add files to the list and then specify the target folder. Once done, initiate the copy process. Unlike the Windows copier, you don't have to wait for the results. The files are copied almost instantly, and you will soon receive a readout that states which files are copied and which are not.

There is also a status bar that shows you the progress of the transfer. The workflow is clear and intuitive, as well—allowing you to see the aspect of the process by switching tabs. Not only that, but this software also does complete shell integration. With this, you don't need to use File Explorer to search for the files. Users can also opt to have a confirmation when a drag-and-drop action has occurred to avoid copying the wrong set of files.

Furthermore, the app skips over items that cannot be pasted. It will not stop the process and ask you questions to continue. Once the transfer is complete, it will show you the files that couldn't be copied in the interactive file list. Here, you can see the reasons why the files fail to be pasted. There is also an option to fix the issue and copy them again. With this, you can skip checking the destination manually.

What goes for and against TeraCopy?

TeraCopy is considered to be one of the fastest programs when it comes to copying and pasting files. As mentioned, it is not as quick as FastCopy, but compared to similar programs, such as RoboCopy and Super Copier, it wins in terms of speed. It can easily copy large files—which run into gigabytes—within one to two minutes. Not only that, but the app also ensures that the files reach their destination safely and without corruption.

Additionally, the app integrates into Windows completely. It can find your files directly from the program's interface, so you don't have to open multiple windows to look for files. Other than that, it can also replace the Windows copier, allowing you to copy and paste files using the hotkeys CTRL+ C and CTRL+V. With this, you can transfer files with no interaction from the users at all.

However, users should note that while the interface looks nice, it is not for beginners. None of the buttons are explained clearly. There is a help document available, but it is mostly just a description with no context. Another thing to note is that this program sometimes crashes when working with huge files. The transfer speed also fluctuates throughout the copying and sometimes takes longer than a Windows File Explorer.

Is TeraCopy worth downloading?

TeraCopy is a robust file manager alternative to the default Windows copier. With this app, you can copy and paste big chunks of data from one location to another faster. It also offers other nifty features—such as shell integration—which allows you to transfer files within a single window. The downside to this app, however, is that it is not easy to use for inexperienced users. Also, it tends to crash when copying huge files. 


  • Efficient copying and pasting
  • Total shell integration
  • Skipped errors when transferring batch files
  • Ensures that files are copied without corruption


  • Interface is not beginner-friendly
  • Help documents are not really helpful
  • Fluctuating copying speed
  • Crashes when transferring large files

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User reviews about Teracopy

  • nooneeee

    by nooneeee

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  • NanyBola

    by NanyBola

    Teracopy was our main software in my company till 2018 but after facing some crashes and problems we used Gs Richcopy 360 from 2019 till now, really i More

  • Mahesh Rathnayaka

    by Mahesh Rathnayaka

    best app for fast data transfer. it takes very short time to transfer videos.



    Obviously TeraCopy is a popular option among fast copying software, but I am highly disappointed with few problems, clashes and data loss while using  More



    Obviously TeraCopy is a popular option among fast copying software, but I am highly disappointed with few problems, clashes and data loss while using  More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Switching to GS RichCopy 360 will help you allot..
    TeraCopy didn't workout for me at all. I've been inconvenienced by several crashes/errors/dat More


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